Diz Gibran- Exhibit C(losed)

A sight for sober eyes, it’s Diz (you know the guy). One of 2009’s most criminally slept-on MC’s takes on the year’s most talked about instrumental. Hailing from the city of angels, Diz Gibran takes a stab at Jay Electronica and Just Blaze’s masterpiece and, compared to everyone else who made an attempt, Dizzy holds his own. Along with the track he released this statement:

Ok so long story short, I swore I wouldn’t rhyme over this record, it’s a classic and I hate when mc’s jump on something before it’s allowed to really breathe. Problem is, everybody hopped on it anyway but nobody really did it justice in my opinion, so I figured I’d give it a go. Plus being that it’s a new year and all, it’s only right I throw out some new shit. So with that said I give you “Exhibit Closed”.

Hit the link for “Exhibit C(losed),” and download Diz’s album Soon You’ll Understand for free here.

Download: Diz Gibran- “Exhibit C(losed)


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