Thom Yorke Delves in Hip Hop?

To say the least, Thom Yorke’s Radiohead are one of most emulated (and imitated) bands of this generation. **cough Coldplay cough** Putting out what many regard as the best record of the last decade, making history with their “pay what you want” philosophy of In Rainbows, and having a hand in most of today’s indie band influences, its pretty safe to say- anything you can do, Radiohead probably tried it first. However, one of the more obvious routes Mr. Yorke could have taken in recent history is a hip hop collaboration. With the huge mainstream Empire hip hop has built, and the Rebel Alliance of the underground keeping everyone honest, the potential for some really incredible music is endless. Just look at Blakroc and Broken Bells.

According to HipHopDX

The Radiohead singer said there was talks of a project between him and former Lootpack front-man Madlib. Although the work was halted by time and schedule constraints, Yorke alluded that he and the Oxnard, California-born emcee, producer and Quasimoto, Yesterday’s New Quintet, Beatkonducta impresario may have future projects together. Yorke reportedly already has a batch of Madlib beats.

Cue the awe inspired indie kids bragging about how much better this is going to be than “Bed Rock.”

Props to Benz and a Backpack for the photo.


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