Vampire Weekend- Ruby Soho (Live Rancid Cover)

Remember the days when punk/ska covers were the shit? Anything was fair game to the likes of Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies and Reel Big Fish. I remember The Berlin Project’s cover of “Gin and Juice” getting me amped to go snowboarding back in middle school and, honestly, it still kinda does. Anyway, back in the golden days the formula was (80’s pop hits and hip hop gems) + (a punk band re-injecting three chord/backing horn section greatness into the mix) = an infuriating yet refreshing blend of tunes that had the replay button getting more miles in than this nonsense. Well the tides have turned. Now that indie bands have taken the spotlight away from pop-punk gods, its time to revamp the punk cover formula. Last week, Vampire Weekend made a stop at BBC’s Maida Vale studio and dropped this cover of Rancid’s “Ruby Soho.” I dig it. Maybe we’ll see the Passion Pit take a stab at this one next. Eh, maybe that’s just wishful thinking. Hit the link to download the cover of “Ruby Soho.”

Download: Vampire Weekend- Ruby Soho (Live)


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