Kidz in the Hall- Reality Bites Mixtape

This tape from DJ Moon Dawg and Kidz in the Hall dropped yesterday, and features songs stemming from The In Crowd and The Land of Make Believe sessions along with some from Chicago Picasso and a few from their new album. Oh, there’s also some dope features from Jay Electronica, Chip The Ripper, Pac Div, and more. All fire, get it while its hot (for free, of course). Hit the jump for tracklist x download.

1. Welcome To Chicago (The Intro)
2. Cool, Relax ft Jay Electronica
3. Soundtrack to Greater
4. I Got It Made
5. Make Believe
6. Millions Freestyle ft Vic Mensa
7. Flickin’
8. Star Struck
9. The Evolution
10. Dilla Freestyle
11. The Internet
12. Crazy
13. Oprah ft Chip The Ripper
14. Mile High Club
15. Go-ILL
16. Jukebox
17. Hustle Freestyle
18. Rock Top Fashion
19. I’m Good Freestyle
20. Reality Bites
21. Nez & Rio Freestyle
22. Look At Them Hips
23. The Evolution II
24. I Am King
25. Who We Are
26. Grizzly Man
27. Brother Keeper
28. Feelin’ It Freestyle
29. Focus
30. The Takeover
31. Drivin’ Down The Block (West Coast Remix) ft Pac Division, Tyga, Glasses Malone, Mistah F.A.B.
32. If I Get Rich

Download: Kidz in the Hall- Reality Bites Mixtape


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