B.o.B x T.I. x Big Boi x A New Album On The Way

I’ve been off my game for the last week or two, but after Spring Break I’m coming back with big things. To kick it all off, this remix from B.o.B dropped yesterday. I knew this dude would blow up when I used to bump “Nothing On You” all the time, months before it got all over the radio. Here’s to true talent and versatility making its way into the mainstream. This time around, Big Boi hops on the cut to bring that smooth southern delivery to the table. Dope collaboration. Dope song. End of Story

Annnnd then Bobby Ray comes back and hits us with a dose of the King himself. T.I. comes fully loaded with his post behind-bars—bars, and it’s even more evident he’s coming back for the thrown. With B.o.B flooding the airwaves with material of this caliber and big name co-signs, The Adventures of Bobby Ray promises to keep his buzz going strong….I’d bet on it.

Hit the links below to download both songs, and click here for a clip of B.o.B on 106 & Park talking about the album which drops next week.

Download: B.o.B x Big Boi- Nothing On You Remix

Download: B.o.B x T.I. x Playboy Tre- Bet I


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