Soundtrack to…A Rainy Day: Louis Logic- Broken Record

It’s been raining non-stop for the last two days up here in NH (and everywhere else in New England, so I’ve heard), and the weather has made me impossibly unmotivated to do anything, including blogging–my bad. Anyway, as I’ve locked myself within the confines of my house other than when it is entirely necessary for me to be somewhere else, I’ve found myself in various states of reflection. Usually that just involves continued viewing of the Big Lebowski which, don’t get me wrong, has also been occurring.

Mostly, I’ve had a lot of time to distract myself from more pressing issues with my usual escape from reality; music…more specifically, new music. I stumbled upon this song while going through my RSS feed, and saw the posting on 2dopeboyz. This is the first I’ve heard of the MC, but I was drawn in by the artwork and my pretentious need to know more underground artists than any of my comrades. I took a listen on that Sunday night of discovery, and the beat took ahold of me without any sign of letting go. Various agents of procrastination kept me from posting it on here that night, but fuck it, I don’t think the “exclusive” game is for me anyway.

Over the next couple days of rainfall and skipping class, I took to the comfort of my headphones, and the lyrics really won me over. Reminiscent of when my roommate introduced me to Atmosphere way back during Freshman year, I actually got into to listening to hearing what was being said. And that’s what differs me from some of the people I know when it comes to music. I’ve come to find that all the Drake stans that surround me (no shots, you can’t really hate on anyone for their personal opinions…some might say I’m cursed for giving this much of shit about what comes out the speakers and into my ears) is that I look for a clear-cut display of authenticity and appreciation for craft, rather than just a widely accepted and shared appeal for the artist.

But fuck it, I ain’t no Lance-a-lot
I’m just a man that got caught
Between your fingertips
Like ‘yeah that’s the spot’

For me, it’s those poignant moments in a song that keep me interested instead of a quick lyrical jab that makes everyone say “Ohhhhhh shitttt!!” and not really give a fuck about anything else the dude has to say. But it’s really not fair for me to say whoever is holding the spotlight doesn’t deserve it–that’s what the people want right now.

I said goodbye, but instead of me and your lips
The two respective sides of the elevator door kissed
Which goes to show
What would be the outcome
For this Pinocchio
‘Cause he love to see his mouth run

Still, among all the mediocre that’s been paying the bills for people all over the mainstream, the struggling and/or unknown and unheard artist will always be the one to create something that will stand the test of time. Out of pure honesty, mixed in with the selfish need to chase that moment of accomplishment, and without the need to impress anyone but him(her)self…the real will always surface.

I could blame all this rambling on the weather, or maybe some pent up frustration with the state of pop music, but in reality…people who really love music don’t give a shit about pop music anyway. So for now, I’m going to keep on listening to the good tunes that give me something to forget about those rainy days, and think back on my need to create.

The Dude abides…

Download the cut @ 2dopeboyz


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