Around The Corner…New Black Keys Album, “Brothers”

I don’t think I could be more excited about any upcoming project than the new Black Keys album. Following 2008’s Danger Mouse produced Attack and Release, and last year’s Blakroc project, this record was conceived during a time where the ‘Keys have been on the cusp of genre bending genius that stretches from grassroots blues composition, to the heart of indie rock, all the way to the ears of innovative samplers and rhyme sayers.

A master of many disciplines when it comes to a guitar and drum kit, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney can get in the pocket covering Captain Beefheart or backing the RZA. Brothers is, for the most part, self-produced by the duo, but Brian Burton aka Danger Mouse, returned to lend a hand with the song “Tighten Up.”

Brothers will be out May 18th, and you can download “Tighten Up” and another cut from the album, “Next Girl,” if you buy a presale ticket for one of theirs show on their website.


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